Your impact is felt every day.

Each day, 60 girls stream through our doors on Elmwood Avenue, ready and eager to learn. They are respected. They are challenged. They are nurtured. An unparalleled faculty and staff, some of whom have declared themselves to be “Sophia lifers,” greets our students with love, motivates them to be the best people they can be, and prepares them to step back into the world as confident ninth graders ready to take on the world.

With your support, you make this happen.

Our students and families make sacrifices to pay, on average, $500 per year in Sophia Academy tuition. Yet the cost to educate one student is approximately $17,000 per year (similar to the Providence Public Schools per-student cost).

By giving to Sophia Academy, you contribute to each girl’s transformation, and you make it possible for our students to achieve their potential, pursue higher education, and move out of poverty. It’s a gift to each girl and family, and a gift to Providence.

Quick Facts 

  • 61 students in grades 5-8

  • 234 graduates

  • 13 full- and part-time teaching and guidance faculty

  • More than 60% of Sophia’s Class of 2019 was accepted to Classical High School, which accepts approximately 30% of applicants each year

  • 100% of Sophia Academy graduates earn a high school diploma; most matriculate to higher education

  • 47% are first generation             

  • 87% of Sophia Academy students qualify for free or reduced meals; 100% receive financial aid. On average, families pay $500 per year in tuition

  • The school’s budget in 2019-2020 is approximately $1.4 million

  • Sophia’s $1 million endowment is invested with the Rhode Island Foundation

  • The school is accredited by the Association of Independent Schools of New England (AISNE) and is a member of the National Coalition of Girls Schools and National Association of Independent Schools