About Our Programs

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Sophia Academy is a community. Each student begins a lifelong relationship with our school when she enters as a fifth or sixth grader. Through the Sophia Academy experience, our students are prepared to excel and self-advocate in high school, pursue ambitious dreams for higher education and career, and grow as a healthy, confident, compassionate family member and citizen.

Guiding Principles

We are student centered. We encourage moments of deep reflection, based on a firm belief that each student possesses inherent wisdom which will guide her in her learning and life journey

We are gender responsive. We take a relational approach which is strength-based, which emphasizes cultural competency, and which focuses on each middle school girl’s unique and affirming qualities.

We have an intellectually engaging and holistic curriculum. We employ research-based best practices in middle school education that prepare our graduates for the world.

 We cultivate community leaders. We help our students advocate for themselves, for one another, and for a just society, and we provide them with opportunities to lead within the school and community.

 We engender lifelong learning. We deliver a wide array of on- and off-campus experiences which promote active hands-on learning by our students, and which inspire our faculty, parents, and alumnae to fully engage as learners and teachers.