What makes a great Sophia student?

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A great Sophia candidate has a positive attitude, the potential to succeed in an academically challenging environment, and possesses curiosity and commitment to her studies. An ideal candidate also shows the desire to grow and mature outside the classroom.

To be eligible to apply, a student must live in the city of Providence and her family must meet our income guidelines.

Students are admitted in the fifth grade. Class sizes are small -- approximately 15 per grade. Occasionally, there are openings in the sixth grade, and admission is very competitive as we receive many more applications for sixth grade than we can accept. Admission to seventh or eighth grade is extremely rare.

We look for prospective students who are committed to learning and doing their best. While we look for strong transcripts, grades, and test scores, these are only some of the criteria we consider when deciding on an applicant. Teacher recommendations, student and family responses to application questions, and an interview are all important steps in our work to determine eligibility to enroll, and for families to assess whether Sophia Academy is the right school for their child.

How to Apply

●      Call Ana Ceballos at 401-784-0021 to request an application

●      Visit the school to pick-up an application