The School Day


Rituals and routines create a culture of belonging. At Sophia Academy our goal is to provide a positive and nurturing environment in which students realize, celebrate and respectfully manage their individual value as human beings in the community.

Advisory and Responsive Classroom 

In grade level advisories, Sophia Academy uses Responsive Classroom, an evidence-based approach combining academic and social/emotional learning so that every student gains a sense of efficacy and belonging. Responsive Classroom has been shown to contribute to higher academic achievement in math and reading, improved school climate, and higher-quality instruction.

Morning  Meeting

Morning Meeting is central to Responsive Classroom practices. Held in Advisory each morning after breakfast, Morning Meeting prepares students for the day with special greetings, community building activities, and predictable routines that students can lead. 

Closing Circle

Closing Circle is held at the end of the day, and helps students prepare you get ready to return home thoughtfully and peacefully. It insures they have all the information and materials they may need for the evening and gives the opportunity to finish the school day with a positive connection to your classmates and advisor.


 Breakfast and lunch are served daily at Sophia.


Recess is held daily. On most days, students have recess outdoors. This is unstructured play time and an opportunity for students to take a break and have fun in the fresh air.