Each student is part of a grade level classroom that meets twice daily with an advisor (see The School Day). The grade level advisor also serves as the family’s point of contact for their student’s academic progress. Twice each year, families are invited to Sophia to meet with their student’s advisor along with the student, and talk about her progress.  

Core Disciplines

Each grade level advisor also teaches all Sophia students in one core discipline--math, science, social studies, or language arts. As a result, our students have the same teacher for four years in each subject, so the teacher knows each student’s strengths and needs.


A rigorous math curriculum prepares students to begin or complete Algebra 1 by the time they graduate from Sophia; in fifth grade, math students also explore computer science.


Science is a lab-based, hands-on program that incorporates aspects of engineering. Our science curriculum aligns with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


The social studies and language arts curricula introduce students to educational experiences that encourage them to find their voice, expand their worldview, and to be active and informed citizens. Our diverse and engaging curriculum empowers them to see the world through a social justice lens.   

The core curriculum also includes:

  • Visual arts, which includes 2D, 3D, and digital media.

  • Music education

  • Taekwondo, in which students progress through the levels to earn belts that demonstrate their mastery

  • A slate of wellness courses and programs designed to help adolescents make healthy physical, social, and relationship choices throughout their lives: healthy relationships, sex ed, internet safety, substance abuse prevention, and resilience.

The culminating academic experience of Sophia Academy is the eighth grade Seminar, a rigorous course similar to a college freshman seminar, in which students research social issues and develop their own solutions for change.